Pakplast Qingdao Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. The company is a professional thin-wall plastic food packaging manufacturer with over 20 years of development history. Pakplast believes in communication , cooperation , pragmatism , innovation , meanwhile being fully committed to recognizing and supporting sustainable development operation . As a reputable food packaging brand, Pakplast is one of the best choices among famous chain restaurant suppliers in Mainland China . The brand is also well-known in Europe , North America , South America , Oceania and Asia alike due to the excellent quality of their products , as well as their visionary ability to provide a long-term and stable supply . Worldwide recognition and respect encompasses the Pakplast brand. Moreover , the Pakplast trademark is registered in many countries thereby allowing Pakplast to retain and benefit from exclusive rights over goods and services in relation to its products . To further address product usage demands and to engage with users’needs , the company has also developed three other brands:and.
Pakplast Qingdao Co., Ltd. continues its commitment to “ focus on premium quality food packaging , support sustainable development ", honouring their customers by supplying healthy and safe products.